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“Regarding Mike Amberg, spiritual counselor: You are truly a very caring compassionate person. I can see why you are with Hospice. Our family thanks you for your visits and support. I miss Eugene a lot, but am taking one day at a time. Holiday time is also difficult with our loss, but we’ll get through that too. Home Health Untied Hospice you are a wonderful supportive team. God’s Blessings.” – Marilyn McFarlane, wife of a former HHU – Hospice patient

“It was fantastic. Everything was so much better for her and me. The nurse kept me informed on her condition, gave me information on what to expect and told me everything to do. She also arranged for a walker, then a wheelchair, and finally a hospital bed. She called the physicians about adjustments in Maria’s medications and showed me how to administer them.” – Stan Feeney, husband of a former HHU – Hospice patient

Hospice Volunteering

“Camp GLOW was one of the most memorable experiences as a Hospice Volunteer; it was a real highlight of my volunteering career!” – Dot Roche, HHU – Hospice Volunteer since 2010

“My mom had a favorite saying: ‘The heart makes a record of every shining thing and plays it back like music through the years.’ As a volunteer I have been blessed by meeting so many hospice families whose love shines through, especially while sharing the final earthly journey.” – Marian DeGiovanni, HHU – Hospice volunteer since 1988

Granting Wishes Program

“I had no idea about this program until Tanya’s wish was granted, and I can definitely see how it is beneficial to hospice patients to get that wish. I tell everyone about what you’re doing, the more people that know the better. It’s something I love to tell everyone.” – Tim Deters, husband of a former HHU-Hospice patient and now a HHU-Hospice LPN

“We will be forever grateful for this, we are so appreciative. Just the thought of people wanting to help us with our special day is like, ‘wow’. This is something we’ll treasure forever.” – Laurie Schuman, wife of a former HHU – Hospice patient

St. Clare Hospice House

“I remember the first time Jim came in here. He came in and looked around, and said ‘wow, I’m impressed!’, and then had a bowl of ice cream!” – Linda Baumgarten, wife of former HHU – Hospice patient Jim

“The great thing about this place, everyone can come and visit and feel comfortable. And now even the people who can’t actually come and visit can still see their loved ones thanks to the computer with Skype capabilities.” – Judy Spencer, part of the SJS Cancer Support Team and HHU – Hospice donor

“Thank you for your loving care and allowing us to stay in the Hospice House with him. You all helped ease the pain of those days and let us focus on loving him and each other.” – Family member of St. Clare Hospice House patient

Meals On Wheels

“They (MG&E) were out here less than 45 minutes after Katie (Meals On Wheels volunteer) left, fixing the gas leak. It’s wonderful that Katie had the concern to follow up with it. I don’t want to think about what could or would have happened if she hadn’t.” – Meals On Wheels recipient Bill, when in 2011 his volunteer Katie called the Meals On Wheels office after smelling gas at his house

Home Medical Equipment

“I want younger women to know they don’t necessarily have to wear outdated bras. We have several cute and attractive sets. My patients are already dealing with a major life change; I don’t want them to feel any more insecure than they maybe already do.” – Monica Gehin, Home Health United Certified Mastectomy Fitter

“When I was discharged from St. Mary’s Hospital I was told I could not put weight on my left leg. At 9:00 am I met with (the discharge planner) and she told me I would need a wheelchair and immediately made all the arrangements with Home Health United. I was discharged at 11:00 am and the chair was there. At the time I didn’t realize how valuable that chair was going to be to help me get around the house. I will definitely recommend your services.” – Marian Pirkl, Home Medical Equipment patient

Home Health Services

You literally saved my life. When I had surgery, I was supposed to be in the rehab facility for two weeks; I didn’t make it 24 hours. When I got home, I realized I had nothing lined up. I called my doctor, and your staff was there the next day with everything I needed. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – A Home Health patient in 2012

“Sue was so encouraging and confident taking the time needed with me. Listening, being informative, assisting me with her skills and knowledge, to recover not only physically, but psychologically as a patient and a person. And her best medicine was always a smile and a hug. Sue was dedicated. The summer of ’08 was the summer of great rains and floods, but she always made her way to my house to take care of me, even when her own home had gotten flooded out.” – Ginger Parkhurst, a Home Health patient from Lone Rock

Community Health & Wellness

“Your staff people were professional and skilled in their work, but even more meaningful to me was their very caring attitude. They were all fine representatives of your agency. I won’t forget them.” – Sarah Jane Fisher

Grief Support

“As a two-year widower, after having lost my wife to cancer, I erroneously thought that recovery would be a straight-line process in an ascending slope. To my surprise it was not a straight-line process at all, but rather a series of continuous ups and downs in which I never knew what the next day would bring. The Home Health United – Hospice grief support group helped me to greatly understand this phenomenon… and what to do about it. Also, I learned the difference between rational guilt and irrational guilt and how to distinguish between the two. Grief recovery is a learned process that requires work. It doesn’t ‘just happen’ automatically with the passage of time, as I had falsely believed. You cannot recover from grief by just wishing or hoping that tomorrow will be better than today. God made grief recovery a part of His creation, and the various grief support programs offered by Home Health United – Hospice helped me greatly to gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding about how the process works.” – A 2012 Grief Support Group attendee

Guardian Angels

“I want to thank everyone being recognized as a ‘Guardian Angel’ today, as well as all of you at Home Health United who have been so helpful to me for so many years. As a person in an electric wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, I have depended on you in so many ways to keep me living, working, enjoying and getting meaning out of life. Without your wonderful help and the services you provide, my life would be a fraction of what it is.

I hope all of you at Home Health United realize that when you arrive for work each day, you are not just doing a job. You are giving people life. The people being honored today are truly ‘Guardian Angels’, but to me, all of you are angels. Thanks to them and to all of you – whether I have met you or not – from the bottom of my heart.” – Steve Levine

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