Resistance to Accepting Help

What if I feel someone I love is in need of assistance but is resistant to accepting help?

If your loved one is resistant to care, a Home Health United representative can meet with you and/or your loved one for a simple informational visit. During this visit Home Health United staff will attempt to break down barriers or resistance by providing straightforward answers to any questions or concerns.

Often family members may be insisting on care or equipment that really isn’t necessary at the current moment. An informational visit can put loved ones’ minds at ease if it is determined that the person in question is able to live independently. If this is the case, the information visit helps to “open the door” for any needs for assistance that may occur in the future.

Sometimes an informational visit results in safety recommendations. The Home Health United representative may make recommendations and explain in detail how every day tasks can be completed in a safer manner. Sometimes something as simple as removing rugs can make a huge difference in fall prevention. These simple suggestions can help your loved one see the potential value in asking for and receiving assistance as well as prompting them to admit that perhaps they do need a little help now.

In some situations the Home Health United representative may recommend care such as in-home nursing, palliative care, physical/occupational/speech therapy, medical equipment, meal delivery, hospice, or the need for other community resources. In this instance he or she can provide information on these services and how to obtain them.

For more information on our services or to schedule an Informational visit, contact Home Health United at 1-800-924-2273.

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